Friday, January 8, 2010

Watch out for flying snowballs!

Good Morning, My Coffee Friends! I don't have the tea on yet this morning, but I can offer you a bowl of fruit and some rice milk?! Come back soon, I am baking something warm and yummy this morning, I just don't know what yet!

This week? What happened this week? Not much really except that we here in the South are experiencing CRAZY COLD! Today it is -15 degrees outside...Girls, in Arkansas, it just doesn't get that cold, and frankly we are not prepared for it!

But before it got too cold to go outside we did have a beautiful snow!

Doug Larson said,"The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball."

I guess that I am still young at heart!

Xander started it! Right in the petushky!

I am out for revenge! stalking my prey!

He turned right into me! I wasn't aiming for his face, I promise!

My little angel makes the best snow angels!

The snow was too powdery to make a snowman, so the kids decided on a snow fort! The men supervise the building!
The finished product!

Wow it was cold! Warming their feet by the fire waiting for some homemade hot cocoa!

As for other stuff, because the kids have been home from school, I've been able to stay up with all of the Small Things this week! Yay! And get some work done on Strings Attached (my testimony and calendar are up as well as a first blog post)! Oh...and I had my first email newsletter sign up over at! SO excited about that! My intention this year is to give 12 Strings Attached Presentations around the country....I would love to come speak to your group!

I also resumed work on my book with a fervor and have completed another chapter! I am working through a write a book in a weekend program and am really seeing it all come together!

I guess that's all for now...I am off to make something warm and gooey....hmmm maybe some pear polenta stay a while, roam around...I'll have it out of the oven in about an hour!


  1. I tried to throw a snow ball at my hubby last night while were out walking but it's the really powdery stuff and just fell apart in my hands. :(
    Still the powdery stuff does sparkle more when it gets dark, so it's beautiful to loo at.

  2. FUN STUFF! We're having some snow time this afternoon when daddy gets home so I can take pictures! My girls are big time snow bunnies - they get it honest - and we need to build a big snow family in our front yard!!!!

  3. Some rice milk would be just fine. We had almond and soy milk with our breakfast this morning. I'm glad that your year is getting off to such a brillant start. It looks like everyone had a blast during your snowball fight. If the snow gets stickier next week, we should have one too!

  4. Glad you had fun! I hope you enjoyed your hot chocolate :)

  5. What fun! Your baking enthusiasm has inspired me to pull out the cookbooks and think up something to add to tonite's dinner :)

  6. Wow, you really did get some snow! As you saw by my picture, not so much here. It's the freezing temperatures I can't take. Glad to meet you through Company Girls. . .I think I'll stay at your blog for awhile and wander around. . .stay warm!!!

  7. It looks like your kids had lots of fun in the snow. :) Thanks for the pictures.

  8. Hi, Cari! Cute kids--and great pictures! I especially love the 3 in the snow, then the 3 by the fire. Thanks for stopping by today!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Cari! The snowball fight looks like fun. :) I went sledding with my kids yesterday in the snow and it was a blast!

  10. I do have to say that the little baby girl with the cute cheeks is borrowed from my neighbor...Elizabeth adopted her the moment she started making snow angels with us. "Your a Kaufman now," she said, "Come in and have hot cocoa with us!"

  11. Wow! So cold. I can't do cold...but playing in the snow knowing that a warm fire and hot cocoa is waiting inside is nice from time to time. Looks like the kids loved it!

    And yes, real cream! It was my first time having real hot cocoa...usually just the instant mix. And we usually never have cream (I don't even know how to make coffee since I never drink it) but we made a potato leek soup that called for it, so we had a bit left for the cinnamon cream.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. mmm...the potato leek soup sounds yummy too!

  13. Thanks for the fruit! :) Looks like you have been having great fun in the snow! We're in CA, so are shivering while we're in the 40's and 50's lately. Have a great weekend - stay warm!

  14. The snow looks so fun! We are severly lacking snow here in the Pacific Northwest this winter! To my dismay.

    Hopefully you can send some our way ;)

  15. oh my gosh, I am kind of cracking up that you accidentally hit him in the face. Does that make me a bad person?

    I love coming in and warming up after playing in the snow. It's a "warm fuzzy".

  16. I'm sad cause I must be firmly old..I don't have the urge to throw a snowball...but...your pics looked great...a wonderful way to wear the kids out!...thanks for visiting my blog and for the advice!

  17. Megan, gladly will send it your way if you will take these FREEZING, SUB ARCTIC temps with them!

    He was so proud that he caught that snowball with his face...I just had to laugh too!

  18. Wow! -15 in Arkansas! I'm from Oklahoma so I know how strange that it is. It got colder there than in Chicago!

    And now I'm off to check out that pear polenta muffin recipe. Sounds yummy.

  19. Oh what a fun post. It reminded me of icy weather when my kids were little. They spent the day with the neighbors sliding down our driveway. I had the fire going and cocoa waiting for them. Thanks for the memory.
    I enjoyed reading your blog today. Thanks for coming over yesterday. I have been trying to get as many of the simple things done as I can. I just really love the twist Rachel puts on the boring stuff. And the encouragement she shares. It was nice meeting you. See you for coffee again.
    Have a great weekend and a wonderful week.

  20. You're a good mom...playing in the snow. I watched from the window when we had our little snow before Christmas. It was at night. And it was really wet. I couldn't find my gloves and I didn't have a scarf... I'm old aren't I? ((SIGH))
    Great pictures too thanks for sharing your fun time!

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love making new "blogging friends." Enjoyed your post and will be keeping up with you from time to time. Hope things are warming up as they are here. Loved your photos!


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