Friday, January 22, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 1/22/09

Hey girls! Come on in...Don't mind the house or the Christmas decorations, come have a cup of tea with me cause I need a chat, or a pep talk, or something....;)

This week has been nuts...

First of all, as an update on my last post...literally within 15 minutes of posting it, I got a call from the detective working our theft case and was notified that he had found our stuff....ALL OF IT! This was exciting news from a couple of vantage points...1) we can now get it back and 2) they know, at the very least who pawned the items so they can now press charges. So yay! The not-so-great part is that the thief pawned the items so we have to pay the pawn in order to get them back.

To complicate matters, being the honest people we are, and having already received insurance settlement for said items, we reported to the insurance company that our items had been found. Turns out, people don't do that much, and well, there is the possibility that we may have to pay back the insurance settlement. This is not all that great since most of that money has, well, already been used. At this point, we are really not sure what will the saga continues...

Let's see, what else...Oh! I am recovering from my THIRD bout with the nasty stomach virus that has been going around. This one struck at the most inopportune moment....while I was co-presenting a keynote to 650 people. GRRRRREEEEAAAATTTT....Fortunately, my partner had written the presentation and picked up like a champ and soldiered on...I am blessed like that, but I was still terribly disappointed in the situation.

Last night I presented a small coaching seminar called "Step away from the Cape: How to avoid SuperMom syndrome " to a moms group here locally. I felt woefully unpolished and unprepared as I had spent most of the time I would usually spend getting ready to give a presentation in a hotel bathroom in Tulsa. The presentation went well, for the most part though. I was pleased to be able to use Rachel's horizontal time schedule as a tool to understand the story that we tell ourselves about our daily lives and to create our "As if" (aka dream schedule). I learned so much about myself using that tool, I hope that it was as much an eye-opening experience for them.

Today dawned early with the unsettling discovery of a mouse in our house. The truth is he (I pray it is not a she with a million little babies) is probably living in our garage which is severe need of a thorough cleaning. I am disgusted. So of course, I have set terribly unreasonable goals of cleaning the entire house, throwing away all of our junk and making a beautifully organized home in uh, the next two hours, oh yeah, and that includes taking down the Christmas decorations....

When we arrived at school today, I was informed that it was "P" day and that Xanman had signed me up to bring pickles. So at some point, I have to deliver pickles to school. I have band practice this afternoon and lunch meeting...all this and I haven't showered yet. I guess the point is that I feel pulled in a million directions, and I am in need of a little perspective.

So now that you have listened to my whiny rant, I am going to do what Tony Robbins says to do...When you feel like you have lost control, or things are happening "to" you, stop right there and make a decision to change....and then take action. So sorry to vent and run, but I am going to go take action AND I am going to keep in mind some wise words that I have carried with me every since my dear friend, Sweetie Berry, shared them with me, "What goals are achievable within the TIME you have ALOTTED?" Hmmmm......

I've got much to do...but I feel so much better having vented...thank you girls for listening! I probably won't get around to visiting much today as I have a lot on my plate, but I make the rounds throughout the weekend, I promise! I can't wait to hear what you are all up to!

Oh, and one more thing...would you consider a donation to help fund the Inspired Girls Life and Leadership Camp ? I will be one of the facilitators of this camp. We will be taking 15 hand-picked girls (there are still places left, if you know of a young lady who would qualify) to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer to engage in life-changing workshops, eye-opening humanitarian work and, to learn first hand about servant leadership. We are partnering with a Brazilian orphanage and helping provide uniforms for teenage girls in Rio so that they may attend school. The funds that you donate will go to both fund the camp, and provide 100 girls with uniforms. Any little bit will on the "chip in" button at the top of the page to donate! Thank you!


  1. So glad that your things were found!!!

  2. Just a thought, if you have to buy back everything you used to own, shouldn't the insurance cover that? I mean, it's not as though it was found in an alley somewhere and you just got to take it back for zero dollars. My friend's home was broken into, her stuff and van stolen (yeah, they took the keys) and still it was covered because she had to pay to get it out of an impound. So, it was found, but...

    Anyhow, good luck with everything!!

  3. I'm speechless that you have to pay the pawn shop to get your stuff back. That just doesn't make sense to my brain.

  4. this post made me mad for you.. you have to PAY to get your own stolen things back????

    and you'll have to pay extra because you were honest? I agree that you should be able to use the insurance money to be able to get it back if you have to pay (which is still ridiculous to begin with!). I'm no help in talking you down because I am furious about it for you!

  5. Whee, I'm tired from just reading about your ultra busy life these past days. But, sure did enjoy the visit and I'll definitely be back. Blessings to you!

  6. I's a bit upsetting...My husband was particularly unhappy with the pawn shops (one of the owners did just give us our stuff). We will be able to use some of our insurance settlement to get our stuff back, but honestly, there is a lot of it I don't want back. And thus the problem. We will see how everything goes...but thanks girls for the's nice to know that I am not being unreasonable!

  7. Oh no, You're not being unreasonable for all you've been experiencing goodness, that's just terrible! I'm afraid if I were you I'd be feeling very frustrated about now...and a mouse on top of it all....I hope you catch it...and I hope your stomach virus has left you for good!

  8. Marie, thank you. I am feeling frustrated, but I think I will turn in early tonight and start fresh tomorrow! I am so hoping that the stomach virus is over and done...that has not been fun at all!

  9. doesn't a good vent feel great? you deserve your vent--what a week!

    Now you just need to do the next thing. That's what my mom always says when I'm overwhelmed. Just do the next thing.


  10. What a terrible ordeal to experience. I said an out-loud "ha!" when you posted "but honestly, there is a lot of it I don't want back." Out of sight, out of mind. . .NOT that this was the way to do it but so many times I'll "find" something I didn't know I was missing and almost wish I hadn't "found" it b/c now I want it - when obviously life was just fine without it -- double ha! Have a relaxing weekend. . .glad the stomach bug has passed for you.

  11. Stomach virus...not fun! We've been cycling through it here at our house. This week was my turn. I hope you feel better soon. The name of the movie from my post is "Confessions of a Shopaholic" if you need a good laugh while you're recovering. :)

    What a difficult situation for you to be in with the pon shop/insurance company. I bet you blew the insurance agent's mind when you called and told them what happened though. That probably burned an impression in their mind about honesty that will stick with them. Great job!

    Get some rest and have a good weekend!

  12. You have my sympathies on the stomach virus. Three times you said? I though it strange that my son had stomach issues twice in 48 hours, but perhaps he contracted something similar to what you had. I hope you can rest up this weekend!

  13. I've heard rumor of this stomach virus going around, particularly in my office...feel better!

    As for your things, those pawn shop owners...well, I know they need to make a living the same as anyone else, but...whew, okay, I should stop before the rant which just took place in my head gets typed out. No one needs to read that!!

    Thank you for the advice on my blog - you're right, not everything is possible to get accomplished in a short amount of time and it's important to see that before we set ourselves up to feel unaccomplished.

  14. Dawn, that's perfect...Just do the next thing...I have a friend that tells me that all the I have two to remind me! Thank you!

  15. I'm glad that they found your things. I hope that everything with the insurance company is worked out soon so that you can put it all behind you.
    I know how you feel about the mouse. I can't stand them either. Now we are mouse free, but we do have bats (and maybe lizards) in the attic, about a zillion lizards, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, etc in the house.

  16. Man, I'm having one of those days today. I hate teething....the baby, not me. I wouldn't want to go through that either. Her sleep has been horrible, and hubby had to go into work today to do an upgrade on the computer system at work, etc etc.

    I'm glad the stuff has been found but it is a sad thing that being honest these days doesn't get you much and you have to fork over more money. It would be nice if the insurance could pay for your pawned items.

    Sorry I'm probably not the most pep-talking person right now, but I certainly sympathize/emphathize with you.

    Hope our weekends will get better from here...and feel better soon!!!

  17. Rrrrr, my comment just got erased. I am having more problems with that today!

    I am so sorry that you were hit with the stomach bug...again! Hope you can get away from that. And about your insurance/pawn shop struggles. How awful! It is like being victimized again!

    I can relate to your crazy week. Ours has been that way and I am just about at the end of my rope! Just hanging on by a thread. I am pretty sure it shouldn't be this way but I don't know how to make it better!

    Hope you have a better weekend!

  18. Mouse! eek!! We had a mouse once. I was horrified; my husband thought he was cute and named him Mortimer. Apparently they would have late-night hangouts. We got a humane mouse trap for $1.50 from Walmart (it's like a tube with a trap door) and shortly after he got stuck in there, we deposited him in another neighborhood. eek!!

  19. And I forgot to say, but I think we have a mouse/rat in our garage too. Two houses down demo-ed their house last year, and it's almost done, so we think it's from there. We heard it in our walls a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything since, but there's dropping in our garage. Boo!!!

  20. bashtree, my son wants to keep it as a pet....uh, no! I don't think so...

    Star, I know, my weekend so far has actually been really nice. Now off to my kid's school chapel to hear them sing for a way to start the day, that doesn't stink! Here's to a new week and a commitment to simplicity this week!


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