Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh! For the Love....

The space in my closet where my vacuum USED to live!

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.” – Helen Keller

On December 17, 2009, we were robbed.

Yep, sure enough, in the middle of the day, one week before Christmas, we became one of the thousands of families every year that experience a home invasion.

Invasion is such a perfect word to describe that break in because the thieves didn’t really take anything of real value. (Not that we really own anything of real value cause all of our stuff is just that- stuff.) But you can’t ever retrieve that feeling of security once it is gone. It makes me angry. I have worked hard to make a sure that my family feels safe, particularly in our own home. I understand that safety is just a perception. That it is not reality. But the thought that someone destroyed that perception for my children enrages me.

That is exactly how I felt that night…enraged. My husband kept saying (in front of the policeman no less) “I’m just glad you weren’t home. You would have killed them.” It’s true…I believe I could have hurt someone pretty badly in those moments. Mama was NOT happy!

As we walked about trying to determine what all was missing, Xander discovered his GameCube had been taken (along with the Wii and the PS2). I watched as the emotions flickered across his face: first, anger; then , disappointment; and then, in a flash….compassion.

That’s right. Compassion. In that moment I was so proud of my son and so ashamed of my own heart that I could burst. He looked at me with eyes full of tears and said, “Mom, we should pray for the robbers. If they have to steal stuff for Christmas, then they must not have enough. And if they think it is ok to steal, then they must not have Jesus. That’s the worst part, Mom. We need to pray for them to find Jesus.” Wow….nothing like the child-like love of a seven year old heart to put life in perspective.

As I go through this season, I am humbled and blessed by how my children have responded and dealt with all of this, and I desperately try to hold on to the compassion and love that Xander showed that night for those thieves. It isn’t easy….especially as we are still periodically stumbling on things that are missing. But then I remember my munchkins’ hearts and how we pray for those thieves every night, and I thank God that I was blessed with an opportunity to see Christ’s love in action.

I learned so much from this experience and I am so excited to share it with you. Man, Company Girls has Home Sanctuary rocked this week or what? I am loving the focus on organizing my life and time...I feel more peaceful already! Thanks for connecting today! Oh, and make sure you head on over to to check out a great post about Jesus and the Car wash!


  1. A wake up call to what is most important. Last night, I listened to the head of Manna House in our city tell about the homeless, the destitute, the hungry, the prostitutes, the drug addicts, the needy who come through their doors. She told about one girl who asked her to take her newborn baby because her pimp was going to kill her. Heartbreaking stories! While we sit there, we who have been given so much. It really makes you appreciative of the basic necessities of life.
    I pray that you and your family will be able to put this behind you, soon.
    Mama Bear

  2. Wow. Your son's attitude is incredible! I hope I can be used by God to instil that kind of love into my little monkey's life as well.

  3. what a horrible horrible thing to happen. It's never happened to me but I can only imagine. But what a blessing to see how God is already weaving Himself into your son's life. amazing attitude.

  4. That's amazing. I think at that age, I would have just been mad. You've done well Mama. It's hard to think about things in those when people cut you off when driving. There might be more to it than speeding...unless it's just speeding, then that's just not smart. Anyhow, I've stepped away from the laptop so many times to do things while typing this comment. =p I should get back to working on a few things for my sister's wedding while the in-laws are watching the kiddos. Have a wonderful week, and I'll be heading over the Strings later today. Take care.

  5. WOW what a beautiful young man you have. Don't have to see him to know that.

  6. outof the mouths of babes...sure makes you think. thanks for stopping by and the praying..i appreciate it.

  7. Oh my word. I know how you feel that happened to us years ago and then 2 years ago my purse was stolen. I know the feeling of invastion. What a little guy Xander is. It's funny because someone else wrote today about needing prayer and I responded to her that I was glad for company girls and to be able to pray for her. Isn't it great that Rachel helps us out and then helps us meet each other. Wow you made my day today reading your story.
    Many Blessings to you and your sweet family. and thanks for coming over to see me too.
    Have a great weekend. I am writing a book review this weekend and offering a giveway come back over to enter.

  8. Wow! Isn't it wonderful how kids handle things in such amazing ways?! That's so wonderful of your son to say - it also speaks for how his parents are too :)

    Have a great weekend ...

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are so blessed with such sweet kiddos who can see a bigger picture at their young ages. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. That's so scary. I'm glad your family was all out of the house.
    We had a break in when I was home alone with my son. (Then a baby, now he is 10.) I had trouble sleeping after that, and memorized some verses from the Psalms, especially Psalms 4:8 "In peace I will both lie down and sleep, For Thou alone, O Lord, dost make me to dwell in safety."

  11. Wow, it is amazing, isn't it, what we can learn from our children! What a precious heart that young man has. You are blessed!

  12. Sounds like you're raising him right, Mama! Now onto the important stuff -- what kind of vacuum are you going to get? ;)

  13. LOL! Susan! The funny thing is that 15 min after I posted this post, the police called and said they found our stuff! ALL of it! Now we just have to decide if we want any of it back....

  14. WOOHOOOO!!! That's fantastic news!! Can you pick and choose? That way maybe you can still get a new vacuum! *lol*

  15. what an incredible reaction on your son's part. Be encouraged that he learned this behaviour from you!

    so glad your stuff was found. I hope the insurance still covers you.