Friday, March 26, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 3/26/2010- SockMonkey Invasion!

Olá!! Meninas da Companhia! (Portugese for Hello! Company Girls! Can I just say that whoever told me Portugese was just like Spanish was SORELY mistaken! Well, come on in...I am actually NOT running out the door this morning, so perhaps you can stay for some tea and...wait for it....Triple Chocolate Fat Pants your "fat pants" on? You'll need them AND and adrenaline injection to drag you out of the sugar coma that follows.  

Oh, man is this gluten free, vegan, and processed sugar free (don't get me wrong...there is a LOT of evaporated cane juice up in that mama), but Erin McKenna really out did herself with this one! This recipe is featured in her book, BabyCakes....and oh, wow...yummmmmm....Anyway, I would love to share a bit with you!

Let's see, why don't I catch you up on all the craziness?

Last week was my sister's wedding. We were so excited because the week leading up to her big day, weather was stunning! We are talking sunshine and 70 degrees! I actually wore flip flops and capri pants on FRIDAY! On Saturday, IT SNOWED! Welcome to Arkansas my friends, this is how it is! It didn't just snow a little snowed 12 inches! Insanity! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck...what about snow? Thankfully, we had talked her out of an outdoor wedding and the ceremony itself was unaffected...and absolutely beautiful.  There were so many wonderful moments and my baby sis looked so beautiful....I was so happy to be a part of that special day.  Hopefully, soon, I will share some photos with you!

ANYWAY, so I'm not sure if it was a combo of the three inch heels, the massive stress I put on myself the week before, or holding her EXTREMELY heavy dress up as my mom steamed the tulle, but I threw my back out! Seriously? Wow, laid up by high heels...not good. So I was on my back Sunday and Monday and am just today recovering full range of motion....thank goodness for my chiropractor who restored any motion at all on Monday...Needless to say, this week of spring break has not at all been what I expected.

Sunday is my big book launch party and I am super excited about it! Which reminds me...if you would like a book...all you gotta do is click on the button over there in the sure to fill out who you would like me to sign it to.

I am in full on fundraising mode for Inspired Girls Life and Leadership Camp and looking forward to the blessings that trip will bring to me and the girls. I can't wait. I am blown away by the outpouring of my friends and family. As a family of teachers, education is such an important part of our lives, to think that there are girls whose only obstacle is a $20 set of uniforms.  We can be the difference for them...we can change their lives! You can too! Just click the Donate button in the sidebar. I am about half way to my goal of $3500...  Every little bit helps! 

My Girls, I covet your prayers...I am seriously struggling with a speech I am writing for an event next week. Please pray that God gives me the words...and helps me supernaturally prepare for this event. 

OH...and now for the Sockmonkey reference! I am so Improv group (we're a fledgling comedy group), Sockmonkey, is having it's first annual weekend intensive this weekend...We have an experienced player from The Roving Imp in Kansas City coming down to put us through our paces and get us ready for our big Comedy debut (May 1). I am so excited about it I can't hardly wait!  If any of you is looking for an activity that pushes you as a person, forces you out of any semblance of comfort zone, and makes you laugh til your face should give Improv a whirl! I love it!

What about you guys?  What's up in your world?

Friday, March 19, 2010

EEK! There's a Big Spider on my Bible!

Good Morning, Company Girls! As promised, here is the post about the Spider and the Bible...I was going to post a picture of the kind of spider, but it just eeked me out to much....sorry, for the lack of media, but well...I hope you enjoy the post anyway! It may be late Sun before I get to anyone as sister's wedding is this weekend, but I will make the rounds I promise! Have a great weekend...and be sure to check out the blog at, I posted on beauty for a friend of mine this week, I would love to get your feedback on it!

This morning the Lord woke me early. Well, earlier than normal…I am ex-military and am often told that my early and the rest of the world’s early are two very different time frames. Normally, when this happens I am ashamed to say I grumble like my second grader for “a few more minutes,” snuggle tightly into my husband’s warmth and, well, tell God to bug off until my usual 0530 wake up.

I am happy to say that today I was obedient. When my eyes popped open at 0445, instead of grumbling and rolling over, I asked, “What do you have to tell me today, Lord?”

His answer? “Plenty.”

So I roll out of bed and bound down the stairs. I break out Charlie’s cozy blue Snuggie (these are awesome by the way) and curl up on the couch with my new Bible study (“Live Intimately: Lessons from the Upper Room”), my Bible, my pretty prayer journal that I got at our retreat in November, and an open heart and mind. And I dig in…I tear into the scripture, I madly jot answers and notes…really one of the best quiet times I have had in years. It was awesome!

Then, just as I am pondering an additional scripture reference….an uninvited guest joins my quiet time….and, well…it wasn’t so quiet anymore…

Across the pages of John 13:7-9 walks a ginormous, hugemongous spider….I ain’t gonna lie, ladies, I went full on girly-girl. I shrieked like a banshee and threw the Good Book as far off my lap as I could heft it, jumped up, grabbed a house shoe and proceeded to beat the tar out that spider.

Uh-Oh…metaphor for life alert.

How many times have I abandoned the shelter of the Word of God because the message was something I didn’t want to hear or see? Because in my feeble mind, I was too afraid, too immature, too….undisciplined. Oh, too many to count. Like the spider crawling across the Bible, I use fear as an excuse to run away, or worse…to squash the messenger.

I felt the sudden tug of a repentant heart. Repentance far beyond, “Lord, I am sorry I killed your spider…and threw your book on the ground,”

but more like-

“Oh, MY GOD, I am sorry that I run from your difficult messages. From my ugly places. From the light that you shine on my strongholds of sin. Please, forgive me for lack of discipline, my lack of strength, my lack of obedience. Fill me with Your light, Your strength, Your will. I’m scared to look…but I am ready. Show me.” What I beautiful time I had with the Lord…scary, but beautiful.

Ok…so wanna hear even more God-coolness? In my brand new, super pretty, extra girly prayer journal every even page has a scripture verse. I opened the journal to write this epiphany down. And I see:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”- Psalm 51:10

Wow…I guess eight legged creatures are good for more than just killin’ mosquitoes afterall….

Has God showed you a life lesson through “metaphor” lately? I’d love to hear it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Face to Face with Adonai

From my bible study this morning, I love this. (I am currently working through a Bible study called Live Intimately: Lessons from the Upper Room by Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose. It has been a wonderful study so far, and God is showing me such love in His word and through this study. This morning, poem, from the chapter “Changing Expectations:”

I had walked life’s path with an easy tread,

Had followed where comfort and pleasure led;

And then by chance in a quiet place-

I met my Master face to face.

With station and rank and wealth for goal,

Much thought for body but none for soul,

I had entered to win this life’s mad race-

When I met my Master face to face.

I had built my castles, reared them high,

Till their towers had pierced the blue of the sky;

I had sworn to rule with an iron mace-

When I met my Master face to face.

I met Him and knew Him, and blushed to see

That His eyes full of sorrow were fixed on me;

And I faltered, and fell at His feet that day

While my castles vanished and melted away.

Melted and vanished; and in their place

I saw naught else but my Master’s face;

And I cried aloud: “Oh, make me meet

To follow the marks of Thy wounded feet.”

My thought is now for the souls of men.

I have lost my life to find it again

Ever since alone in that holy place

My Master and I stood face to face

Lord, I have to admit that washing feet was not what I had in mind when I became a Christian. It’s awe inspiring to see your humble example. Lord, I surrender my lofty plans. Let me do what you have done and serve others. Amen

Friday, March 12, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 3/12/2010

Hola, Mi Amigas!

I pray your week went as wonderfully as mine. Despite allergy issues with the entire fam (gotta love spring- I will deal with some runny noses in trade for some sunshine though), this week was a pretty big week for me.

Ummm...let's see where to start?

Oh yeah...with a shameless plug! BUY MY BOOK! Check it out- you can order your very own autographed copy just over to the right in the sidebar! Fill the little text box in and I will even personalize it!

AND-please consider a donation to Inspired Girls Life and Leadership Camp- any bit will help...we are trying to provide 180 teenage girls in Brazil the opportunity to go to school. They are currently unable to attend because they can't afford uniforms...wanna know how much they are? $20 US...For less than the cost of a tank of gas you can help a girl get a leg up on life. I've committed to raising $3500. Will you help me make a difference in these girls' lives?

Ok...enough with the solicitation...on with the visiting...

The past weekend was stunning weather wise. Sadly, I spent most of it in a caffeine and sugar overload induced fog. My sister's bachelorette party was Friday night. My middle sister rented a limo (it was my first limo ride) and a group of us went to dinner, and then back to my sister's house for a lingerie party. It was fun, but I learned two things: 1) I am no longer capable of functioning at a high level after staying up and talking til 2 am and 2) I have crossed squarely over into the "mom" category and am simply not much fun by 23 year old standards;). Saturday was her wedding shower. The happy couple are going to Rome for their honeymoon, so the shower had an Italian theme..complete with a cake that looked like a pizza. It was awesome!

Monday, my Lizzie (she's 6) had what we think was a migraine-type headache, and needless to say was not her usual exuberant self, so I picked her up from school before lunch. She's feeling better now, but still isn't quite herself. With all the strong weather fronts moving through I am hoping that is the main culprit.

Tuesday, I met with some folks who want me to teach a series of bible studies for them, and met with several others who want me to partner with them in some way. Pray for me, my sisters. I am a jump-in-with-two-feet kind of gal...and with Strings Attached starting to gain momentum, the temptation to change focus is great. Pray that I hear and obey God's guidance in these days of opportunity.

Wednesday, I registered Strings Attached Ministries as an official business. Ya'll this was a big deal for me. I was in a near cold sweat the whole time I was at the county clerk's office. I am not sure why...perhaps simply because it seems like such a concrete commitment now that I have a paper with a fancy seal on it. Anyway, now I am all official and's cool, but SCARY!

Thursday, I made some strides with my website and wrote a great deal...They aren't quite ready for posting yet, but I feel a flurry of blogtivity out....deep thoughts ahead;)

One of the oddest things that happened (and spurred an interesting upcoming blog post- look for it next week) was during my quiet time Thursday morning. God woke me extra early (about 5 am) so I went down, opened a new bible study, curled into my husband's snuggie and started reading in John 13. As I am reading, this HUGE SPIDER crawls across the Bible! I went full-on girly-girl, shrieked, threw the Good Book on the ground and proceeded to beat said spider to death! It was quite a rude interruption to my quiet time...somehow, with God's help, I have managed to craft an object lesson out of the whole thing so the poor spider didn't die in vain. I hope to share that story with you next week.

Wow...I am long-winded tonight...I think I might miss you girls a bit... the last few weeks I just haven't been able to get around to everyone. I hope to this week. Let's all link up over at RachelAnne's place! Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 3/5

Come on in! I have gluten free/vegan blueberry muffins and quinoa breakfast brownies for snacks and some lovely tea for drink...yum...I hope you enjoy!

Life has been so hectic these past weeks, I don't have much time to stop and write, but just to catch you's an updated:

Living Life with Strings Attached launched on Monday and is now available for SALE! YAY!
You can order a copy by clicking on the "buy my book" link at the top of the page OR if you would like a more socially conscious way to get your copy (and would like to have my "John Hancock"), send a check for $15 to Strings Attached Ministries, PO Box 187, Lowell, AR 72745 (leave a comment and let me know that you are doing this so I can be sure to have enough books in stock). For every book purchased this way $5 will benefit The Inspired Girls International Life and Leadership Camp in Brazil. I am so excited to share this message and ministry with you!

My first Book Signing Party is March 28, in Bentonville, AR for those of you who are local, message me and I will send details, and I make my big radio debut on Tuesday at 1235 EST on I am a bit nervous about it, but I know that God will meet me at the mic.

My ministry partner and I just returned from a great conference in The Woodlands, TX last weekend called Share Fair 2010. It is a ministry of Reflective Life Ministries and was an absolutely awesome experience. There were fantastic speakers, break out sessions, sweet times of connection with new friends, and over 85 ministries represented. We had a blast!

The kids are out of school today, and well, the sun is shining! It is a glorious day here and we are going to get outside and enjoy it! I have my sister's bachelorette party tonight and her wedding shower tomorrow (pray for energy for me...eek...that's a lot of parties to pull off in one weekend!)

I think that's everything...I have a couple of other things in the works, but they aren't quite ready for unveiling yet! I can't wait to tell you all about them!

Got a big weekend ahead, but I hope to make it around to all the Company Girls...might not be til Sunday night, though! Link up with us!