Friday, May 7, 2010

To all the Moms I've loved before.....

I wrote this note last year, but as I look through it, well, it the women in my life- I love you all- from the woman who bore me to the women who bear with me, thank you for mothering me in one way or another! Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

This is a shout out to all the Mom’s in my life. 

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know how blessed I am to be surrounded by such wonderful examples of motherhood.  To say thank you to the women who daily model for me what being the keeper of the keys to the household is all about.  Some of you I know well, and you daily share your wisdom with me. Others I watch from afar and probably wouldn’t be able to pick me out of a line up, but you still impact me in such a real and positive way.  There are so many of you I can’t even begin to mention you all, but here are just a few.

Mama- wow, how do I begin? You have the ability to sit and listen to just about anyone’s problems/issues with compassion and empathy.  Your wisdom shines through in your daily demeanor and you share it freely with those around you (I like to think that I got this from you and hope that I do it as gracefully as you do).  You have taught me to genuinely care about others and the impact that service to just one individual can make.  In my rush to save the world, you help me to realize that real change happens one soul at a time.

Lora- You have the gift of bridging the generations.  You can easily communicate with people from all walks of life, young and old.  What do I learn from watching you as a mother? The power of calm.  You always seem to take everything in stride, but with enthusiasm and zest for life.  I love to watch you play with your son and my children.  You never seem too busy to stop and take a moment out to just focus on them.  You teach people that they are important through your love and attention.

Alexis- I sometimes get sad for you because I think you are a mom too soon.  I want you to be a kid more, but that is an unreasonable desire….you have always been a mom in heart. You have always been the one who tended to the relationships of this family, kept in contact with everyone.  You have taught me that love is best shown face to face, spoken aloud, written down….not assumed. Keep reminding me, I will learn it eventually!  I am amazed by the way that you have juggled the responsibilities in your life.  Raising three children in this world is not easy, let alone the working full time and finishing school. And you do it with grace and acceptance that I often don’t have at 35, let alone did I have it in my twenties. 

My friends: some of you are “biological” moms who have children of your own, some of you are different types of moms altogether.  But all of you have taught me life lessons.   Like Kim Gordon, who daily teaches me that my high calling…more than anything else, is to minister to my family; or Kim Gartner, who simply amazes me with her peace and grace in the face of 20 K-2 kids everyday, but most of all, reminds me to look for and reward the great things my kids do each day.  My homeschool mom friends, Holly, Tonya, and so many more women who go beyond active participation in their children’s educations, but have made it their lives’ work—I am daily in awe of what you do.  My teacher moms (some with their “own” children, some without)- uh, yeah…wow! You are at times the only real love and structure some children know, and you provide it to 20-30 people at a time. My working mom friends, who are able to hold their household together while working a full time job outside the home. My at-home mom friends, who are able to hold their household together while working a full time job inside the home. And all those in between who manage to be the glue that holds all of the individual parts in place and together. Nicole and all my single mom friends…crazy, how you  manage all the stuff…all the time…just amazing.  Lauren, Beth, Fannesha, Missy, and all those other women out their that are military or corporate “single moms”…I have been there, sometimes knowing you’re partner is on the other side of the world makes the work of a single mother even more difficult because you hold open the space for the your mate, thank you for sharing your husbands with us.  Heather, Kim, AJ and all those other moms who are running/trying to start their own businesses (slash rockstar singing careers) but value the importance of time spent with their children and families…I am constantly in awe of your persistence and ability to continue moving forward.  To my blog friends, who sit down to write and open up your world, thank you for sharing your weaknesses, your thoughts and your heart with us.

Anyway, now my head is spinning with all of these moms that I want to shout out to….too many to count, too many to list.  But know this, whether you have your own children or not, if you are a woman, you are a mother. We as women, bring life to the world, both biologically and through the outpouring of our love on those around us. Regardless, of your circumstances, you deserve to be honored. 

Know that your everyday work and love it is not going unnoticed.  I watch. Others do too.  Your children watch.  We are all learning from your example.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful one for us to follow!  You are all beautiful and awesome! Happy Mother’s Day!

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