Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Yellow Sweater

Ugh! Today I feel not so great…I am struggling to fight off whatever yucky is attacking my body and resisting the urge to cancel all the really important stuff I have going on today, I put on my brightest sweater (a neon chartreuse that practically forces the sun to shine in order to compete), invoke the brightest smile I can, and say, “germs be darned! You won’t stop me!”

It is at moments like these that I know God loves me. Not saying life is always easier for me in the tough times, but it certainly was today. I rolled out of bed 30 minutes behind schedule, made my husband’s and son’s lunches which, despite having not thought through that process (it is a complicated one), came together quite easily.

Spurred on by the excitement of “Superhero Day” at school, the kids were up and rolling unusually early this morning. Xanman donned his “Trip Zoom” costume (Trip is a fictional character the the fictional dad writes about in the movie “Dadknapped”). Xander, standing in the doorway to my bedroom in black cargo pants, a silver undershirt, a black mandarin collar blazer (from my closet), and a pack of dental floss, looks at me and says, “Floss, Mom! I’m ready to go!” Elizabeth has assumed the persona of “Speed Girl” whose super power is apparently zooming around. I’m fairly certain that “Speed Girl” is a fictional character that Lizzie has cooked up on her own, but who knows these days, right? Her costume is a recycled Blue Power Ranger suit of her brother’s with an S and a G on the chest (paint pens rock!) and one red and one blue glove (fleeced from an assortment of other power ranger costumes) with silver triangles emblazoned on with the emblem SG (thanks again paint pens!)

So here I sit at Einstein Brothers amazingly WAITING (I’m always 20 minutes late-today I am early) for my business partner to arrive. I still feel shaky and not really in top form, but thank you, God, for a pretty yellow sweater, the two cutest kids ever, power bagels with peanut butter, hot cinnamon spice tea, and an ultra cool friend/business partner to work with. I think I am feeling better already!

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