Monday, June 22, 2009

Stop Pushing

Ever have one of these mornings that just doesn’t go right? For me these are mornings that generally have some risk of domino effect toppling the rest of my day. Most times they are the days that are “booked full,” so getting a bit behind to start with requires a Herculean effort of will and brain power to get back on track.

Today was that kind of day for me. You see, this summer, I made a promise to my marvelous munchkins that I would stay home with them three days a week. Thus, I am fully booked on the two days a week that I do work out of the home. On these days, just a little kink in the works could potentially throw my entire day off.

This morning that kink was two very tired and grumpy children. Rousing them to consciousness was difficult enough, but motivating them to dress and get ready with any sense of alacrity was nigh impossible.

Dragging them along, barking orders at them like a crazed drill sergeant is not the way I want to start my day off and certainly not theirs. So finally, we are all dressed and ready to roll out the door- 25 min late I might add (this is devastating considering that running late for this morning meeting could interfere with my biggest meeting of the day ) and thus the dominoes begin to fall.

I dropped off the kids, and speed off to my first meeting, driving like a maniac. As I am rushing through town, hitting EVERY blessed light on the way (doesn’t that always happen) a realization hit me…. I am already late….continuing to push is only causing the “universe” to push back. Hard. I hear the still, small voice of God: “Stop pushing…” it says.

“Stop pushing.”

I take a big deep breath and let my foot come off the gas pedal a bit, slowing to the speed limit. I feel like the whole weight of the world just lifted from my shoulders. Cleansed, I begin my day again from a new perspective. “Stop pushing. Breathe. And let me take care of things.” Just as I sigh and say, “Okay,” I pass the state trooper set up on the side of the road waiting for would-be speeders.

I throw a smile skyward….wow, glad I listened!

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