Friday, March 26, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 3/26/2010- SockMonkey Invasion!

Olá!! Meninas da Companhia! (Portugese for Hello! Company Girls! Can I just say that whoever told me Portugese was just like Spanish was SORELY mistaken! Well, come on in...I am actually NOT running out the door this morning, so perhaps you can stay for some tea and...wait for it....Triple Chocolate Fat Pants your "fat pants" on? You'll need them AND and adrenaline injection to drag you out of the sugar coma that follows.  

Oh, man is this gluten free, vegan, and processed sugar free (don't get me wrong...there is a LOT of evaporated cane juice up in that mama), but Erin McKenna really out did herself with this one! This recipe is featured in her book, BabyCakes....and oh, wow...yummmmmm....Anyway, I would love to share a bit with you!

Let's see, why don't I catch you up on all the craziness?

Last week was my sister's wedding. We were so excited because the week leading up to her big day, weather was stunning! We are talking sunshine and 70 degrees! I actually wore flip flops and capri pants on FRIDAY! On Saturday, IT SNOWED! Welcome to Arkansas my friends, this is how it is! It didn't just snow a little snowed 12 inches! Insanity! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck...what about snow? Thankfully, we had talked her out of an outdoor wedding and the ceremony itself was unaffected...and absolutely beautiful.  There were so many wonderful moments and my baby sis looked so beautiful....I was so happy to be a part of that special day.  Hopefully, soon, I will share some photos with you!

ANYWAY, so I'm not sure if it was a combo of the three inch heels, the massive stress I put on myself the week before, or holding her EXTREMELY heavy dress up as my mom steamed the tulle, but I threw my back out! Seriously? Wow, laid up by high heels...not good. So I was on my back Sunday and Monday and am just today recovering full range of motion....thank goodness for my chiropractor who restored any motion at all on Monday...Needless to say, this week of spring break has not at all been what I expected.

Sunday is my big book launch party and I am super excited about it! Which reminds me...if you would like a book...all you gotta do is click on the button over there in the sure to fill out who you would like me to sign it to.

I am in full on fundraising mode for Inspired Girls Life and Leadership Camp and looking forward to the blessings that trip will bring to me and the girls. I can't wait. I am blown away by the outpouring of my friends and family. As a family of teachers, education is such an important part of our lives, to think that there are girls whose only obstacle is a $20 set of uniforms.  We can be the difference for them...we can change their lives! You can too! Just click the Donate button in the sidebar. I am about half way to my goal of $3500...  Every little bit helps! 

My Girls, I covet your prayers...I am seriously struggling with a speech I am writing for an event next week. Please pray that God gives me the words...and helps me supernaturally prepare for this event. 

OH...and now for the Sockmonkey reference! I am so Improv group (we're a fledgling comedy group), Sockmonkey, is having it's first annual weekend intensive this weekend...We have an experienced player from The Roving Imp in Kansas City coming down to put us through our paces and get us ready for our big Comedy debut (May 1). I am so excited about it I can't hardly wait!  If any of you is looking for an activity that pushes you as a person, forces you out of any semblance of comfort zone, and makes you laugh til your face should give Improv a whirl! I love it!

What about you guys?  What's up in your world?


  1. Wow, you've been busy!
    Your sister's wedding sounded beautiful.

  2. I've thrown my back out doing less...thank God for good chiropractors. Just saw mine last night for my ankle.

    We got the snow up here too. Tshirts on Friday, Snow all day Saturday and half of Sunday, and it started to melt and flooded my back yard on Monday, then rain here for two days and my back yard could support fish right now.

    Have a good week, and have fun getting ready for your party!

  3. Oh the improv sounds interesting. The sockmonkey was really cute. Good luck with your book and your fundraising. I know it is hard to raise money for charities. I work with youth also and we are always needing vol. and support.
    Have a Blessed Weekend,

  4. Congrats to your sister once again! There's been unexpected weather all over the country this year it seems.

    I hope your back gets better soon.

    And Sockmonkey sounds like a ton of fun!

    Looking forward to those pics of the 12 inches of snow!!...oh and the wedding too.

    Yes, that pic of the flower was from my phone. Loving the spring flowers.

  5. What is it about weddings? My husband was a groomsman in his sister's wedding several years ago and literally could not walk the next day. He says it was the dress shoes he was wearing all day. Hopefully your 3-inch heels can be retired for a good long while as your back recovers and then you can banish those heels to a dark corner.

    Your new book looks wonderful. I hope to order a copy at some point. Maybe after we find out about our tax refund...

    I don't think I'll ever be zany enough to do improv, but it would be fun to see your group in action.

    We're wrapping up a week of spring break for one of my daughters. We've done some outings and bike rides and went to a Mad Hatter Tea Party at a nearby bookstore today. I should snap a photo of Kristen and I in our "costumes". I was the white rabbit, since my son was unwilling to don white plastic bag bunny ears on his head. =)

    Enjoy your weekend. May you be refreshed!

  6. You weren't kidding! You have been crazy busy this week! (BTW... that cake has me drooling!)

    Glad that your back is back to normal (or at least allowing you to move). Good luck with your book launch party - how fun to be published!! :-D

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  7. And you do improv too! Man, you needed your back to be out just to lay low a little while!

    Hope you are feeling better and can fully recover.

    The cake looks delicious!

  8. Oh man guys! This improv gal (Nifer Honeycutt) was AMAZING! Learned so much, had so much face still hurts!

  9. Good Heavens! ...and people say that I'm busy! I love neat that it was your sisters'...I hope she wasn't upset w/the poured rain on my wedding and we hope to celebrate our 37th this June! hope your back recovers to full motion very soon.

  10. I'll be praying for your speech. May the words flow both on paper, and then out of your mouth when the time comes for you to present the speech.

    I hope your book launch party goes well today! :)

    Have a great week!

  11. Happy book launch party day!!! It is BEAUTIFUL weather here in Denver, I hope it's good for you too :)

    I had back spasms a couple of weekends ago. I TOTALLY feel your pain, and hello, what are we supposed to do with ourselves when we can't MOVE?

    I gotta hear more about these Sock monkey people. But first, I need Baylor to beat dook.

  12. The cake looked delicious. Glad everyone enjoyed the wedding. Thank you for stopping by.

  13. Okay I can't comment because I'm too tired after reading your blog. I have to go take a nap. :) Under normal circumstances that cake would look and sound awesome to me however I had to quickly skip that part this time. :/
    I'm so glad the wedding went well...except for your back of course. That is no fun! Glad your on the mend though.
    Thank you Cari for your sweet words over at Rachel's. Can't tell you how much those words mean.
    Have a blessed week!

  14. Wow, you are one busy woman. Glad your sisters wedding was a success and sorry to hear of your back. Hope it does feel better. Mine was painful yesterday. Ughhh.
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. oh girls, I know...I am getting TIRED! After Easter, though I have a bit of break to relax and refresh...I ask that you be my accountability partners and help me to actually follow through on the relaxing part and not fill my days with more STUFF!

    Back is MUCH better today and the book launch was awesome!

    Melissa, thank you for your prayers...they are needed and, they are felt today!

  16. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry to be so late getting by; my weekend was packed.

    I plan on taking an improv class at Second City (I'm in Chicago, so why not take advantage of that?). But that's a bit in the future. I want to get going with getting a certificate in Spiritual Direction first.

    I hope you have a good week and Happy Easter!