Friday, October 23, 2009

Company Girl Coffee10/23/09

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones from Karina's Kitchen

I am getting a little bit of a late start on the Company Girl Coffee this welcome to afternoon tea! I am just beside myself with joy, ok, well, honestly...I was beside myself with joy until I just sat down to right this and realized that it is already 2 in the afternoon...ugh!

Anyway, today we had parent/teacher conferences. I want to take a moment to say how blessed I am that my children are able to go to such a wonderful, Christian school and are taught by such a wonderful Christian woman. My children got glowing reports and I was so pleased! Most wonderfully, Mrs G talked about how responsible they were becoming and how they were always fantastic at being lights for Jesus! My babies are so awesome!

I say that kind of in reminder, because they are home from school today and I realized that I am desperately trying to fit them into MY daily routine. This is NOT working. And I am growing increasingly frustrated with the situation (not to mention I forgot to take my hormones this morning, so Lack of Estrogen Rage is starting to set in. ;) So I am desperately reminding myself that they are blessings and that this is a special day, so it is ok to put my schedule, agenda and routine on hold for today. I think instead of the usual house blessing that I do on Fridays, we are going to go shopping for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Yep...that's what we are going to do....Thanks for listening to my ramblings and well, sorry to sip tea and kick you out the door (but here's a beautifully decorated bag of gluten free, vegan strawberry choco chip scones for you!) Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mmmmmmmm - your scones look DELISH! I'm a big scone fan - love them - and I'd LOVE your soap recipes. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I like trying stuff at home - and I'm pleased with the cleaner recipes I posted today. I have yet to make my own soap, but I'm a shea butter fan, too - so feel free to send them my way!

    Debbie @ The Queen Mommys Cafe

  2. Thanks for stopping by...I guess I didn't make it clear in my blog that I realize that test is just pointing out that you can improve your life expectancy if you follow their suggestions....meeting with other adoptive parents isn't an option for me ...for one thing they're ususally a lot younger and I have so many appointments scheduled for my kids it doesn't leave time for that at this time...I'm sure I'll survive.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoyed reading yours and am looking forward to coming back and reading more as soon as I get a moment! I like the name of the color of your kitchen(it's my favorite smell). I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We've begun getting our Operation Christmas Child boxes ready as well!

  4. thanks for the yummy scones today!!!! I had a huckleberry one with my lunch -- I was teaching kindergarten all day. It was a perfect treat for a rainy day. Have a great weekend and enjoy your kids.

  5. Now that I've read Debbie's comment, I feel I need to look for your soap recipe! Meanwhile, the scones look fantastic! Beautiful!

  6. Yes, the scones are so yummy, as is pretty much everything i have ever made from Karina's Site. She's not just for the gluten free or vegan or celiac, she has recipes for all food-loving individuals. Wonderful, soul-soothing recipes and beautiful pictures and writing as well. TOTALLY check out her site :

  7. Rachel, Debbie:

    I will hunt up those recipes (I think they are out in the garage in an old craft file) and post them. May not be until, well, until I return from Mexico (snif, snif)...but I will see what I can find you!

  8. those scones do look amazing and I totally want one now as my before bed snack! :)

    We had my son's conference yesterday too...and while he struggles some academically he is making great strides. This is his first year in Christian school (3rd grade) because my hubby started working at the school...and it is such a blessing to have him in a nurturing environment. Her comments about his heart and his joy and work ethic made my heart smile. :)

    then, he was home today...and the day took SO long to get I totally related to your post!

    Hope you got your boxes done--that was a great plan!

  9. Dawn, isn't it wonderful to know that your child is cared for in that way? That not just their academic hungers are being fed, but their spiritual ones as well? I love it!

    Our boxes went well and got finished.The kids are so giving and caring. It was a fun project and a much needed glimpse at the "light of Jesus" their teacher had so glowingly reported on. Tip for all you moms who are doing boxes: the cosmetic baskets at Walmart are the perfect size- almost exactly the size of a shoe box. It prevented us from (the normal) overfilling and the agonizing process of eliminating things from the box.